Heart to Heart is a mission-driven agency and is best represented in the growth and quality of our services provided to our patients. We’re an Agency made up of a highly reputable respected team with more then 30 accumulated years in the healthcare industry.

Get to Know Heart to Heart

Comfortable Environment

Heart To Heart allows for continuous professional help in a comfortable, familiar environment; YOUR HOME. It keeps families together while helping them adjust to a new lifestyle and maintains a sense of dignity for the patient. Heart To Heart is licensed by the New York State Dept. Of Health and has Accreditation with Commendation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

At Heart to Heart, we create direction by promoting high quality services and enjoying the work we do.
We focus on our customers – the people we serve – and also focus on our employees, ensuring that both have their needs met. We use technology to help us in our work, but we believe the best way to talk to someone is the old fashioned way – real human contact. We also manage for the outcome of our work by measuring our successes and always looking for ways to meet the unique needs of all the individuals receiving our services. These are the guiding principles for every segment of the company. Let’s have a “Heart to Heart” so you can see what sets us apart.

Caring Service

Heart To Heart emphasizes core values that serve as the basis for its philosophy of service delivery…


The recognition of each person and his or her human needs, sincere efforts to hear and understand each person, and a dedication to develop and maintain human connections.

Generosity of Spirit

Programs and services built upon a genuine desire to help people.


A commitment to extend core values to interactions with others in the health care industry and in the greater social community.

Personal Growth

The offering of a fertile opportunity for constructive self-expression, creativity and self-actualization.

What our Clients Say...

H2H is an agency that welcomes a challenge, is willing to tailor their supports to the need of the consumer and is willing to think outside of the box.
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